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Chiran Group----The pioneer and leader in the research and application of airtight and watertproof zippers.The introduction of "spiral zipper" with structural innovation has won wide acclaim worldwide.

Over the past 20 years, despite hardships, persistent pursuit, and bold innovation, we have obtained 5 invention patents and 4 utility model patents in zipper design prototypes, equipment technological transformation, product testing devices, etc., and passed the global PCT. The scientific research results obtained are in the international leading position in the field of zipper, and many technical problems have been solved after promotion and application.

Our zipper has successfully developed waterproof zipper airtight zipper, our standards are more than 5-10 times higher than global zipper standards but with more competitive price.Among them, the sealed waterproof zipper has subverted the world zipper standard. After more than decade years of research and development, the indicators of product stability, usability and functionality have achieved breakthroughs in 2019 and have been successfully mass-produced.

In the future, Chiran zipper will continue to provide better products, lower prices and better services to customers from all over the world, so as to gain more opportunities for cooperation and make progress together.

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